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Proposed Installation for SCMAH "Growth"

Third Friday Event, August 21 2015

Hello Nora -- this is a proposal for a video installation involving certain simulated behaviors, including video feedback and other "growth-related" themes.

Statement. Growth is often unpredictable. A mathematical interpretation of our world reveals that simple rules lead to surprisingly complex behavior. We may know, and act upon this, intuitively. This installation provides the opportunity to see and understand this in an intellectual and aesthetic sense. Several well known mathematical & computational approaches are here interpreted for your enjoyment.

Interaction. The installation consists of a control surface and a display surface. A visitor "plays" with the controls, producing results somewhat under their control. The possible space of results is quite large, so an individual's own inclinations come into play. Two visitors may have different experiences. The installation is, too, like a musical instrument, in that practice with it may let you become "better" at it. However it is tuned so that everyone will have success.

Execution. Ideally, the affordances of a gallery space are used to heighten the experience, although a simple "science fair" presentation is also feasible.

Best Execution. A dedicated space, such as a small room or temporary box, is spartan with only the control surface, and as large a projected display as possible. A visitor can interact with the sturdy control surface (knobs and buttons). There is comfortable space (perhaps floor seating) for spectators as well.

Okay Execution. Could be presented as simply as a table with a TV on it.

The Art. This is a somewhat common form factor; the "quality" of such a work, if you will, is related to the ease of interaction, and how readily the visitor/participant interprets the experience. My background in user-interactivity, and knowledge of algorithms, and experience in presentation all come to bear in this endeavor.

Examples. Here are some still frames from the work as it presently stands. Over the coming months, I will be fine tuning, with test participants and others, to, you know, make it excellent. And, also, to home in on the "Growth" theme.

Please feel free to contact me, david.van.brink@gmail.com / 831.332.6077.
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