2018-04-14, Saturday!

2001: A Space Omino

An Emergency Mission Analysis

Adapted from Stanley Kubrick and Arthur C Clarke's
2001: A Space Odyssey

Musical Emergency * Saturday 2018 April 14 * Omino, Santa Cruz * david poly@omino.com * deb debkakes@gmail.com * 8313326077

Good evening.

As you may know, many rumors surround the ill-fated space mission, Discovery, launched in 2001. The technical specs and space observations have been unavailable to the public, until now.

Unfortunately, the data tapes as released are indecipherable. No existing nine-thousand series computers remain. The tapes contents, and conclusions, still a total mystery.

But not quite. During a routine inventory and maintenance cycle, we discovered an intriguing detail on our own supercomputer, the Omino Eight Triple Niner, acquired at Weird Stuff Warehouse in 2003 for cheap. This detail, an ordinary looking serial number plate, contained in minuscule type the following words:

Model 8999.
Engineering Sample.
Destroy after evaluation.
Incompatible with 9000-series data formats.
Property of HAL Laboratories, Urbana Illinois.

Naturally, we loaded up the tapes, and immediately details of the mission emerged. At least, we think that's what it is.

We invite you to help us interpret this mission data. With music.

As usual, it is our honor and delight to host this Musical Emergency. We'll do our utmost not to tarnish the brand! --> Deb & David

To claim a song, email poly@omino.com and debkakes@gmail.com. In triplicate.
SONGS (tbd)
A. MGM Presents A Stanley Kubrick Production
B. The Dawn Of Man
C. Jupiter Misssion
D. Beyond the Infinite