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david van brink // Thu 2008.01.17 00:37 // {after effects}

Puppet Tool versus Motion Blur

The puppet tool (in After Effects CS3) sure is neat. Like “bones” — common in many 3d programs — for 2d images. Great for expressive animation. Morphy!

And motion blur is one of my favorite flavors of ketchup. Up there with drop shadows and glow.

But yee, put them together and After Effects renders most terrible slow. My puppeted comp renders about 5 frames per second without motion blur, and about 5 seconds per frame with motion blur. So, say, a factor of 25 slower.

I wish I was posting something fun and exotic about scripts or halftoning or clever optical effects… but right now the issue of “render time” is using up all of my AE angst. But soon!

Jonas Hummelstrand // Sun 2008.03.9 15:453:45 pm

Try CC Force Motionblur

david van brink // Sun 2008.03.9 23:2911:29 pm

Thanks for that pointer! I was unaware of that filter.

It does look very handy for adding subsample blur to *any* process on a compoosition… very interesting!

I’ll try it out to see if it’s any faster than built-in motion blur, for the puppet tool in particular…

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