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david van brink // Sun 2008.12.14 01:59 // {graphic design}

Found Graphic Design, Penang

Hello from balmy Penang, Malaysia!

My Northern California employer, a well-known FPGA vendor, has an office here in Penang Malaysia. I got permission to “telecommute” from here for a couple of months. Today is just cooling down, it’s 5pm and about 80F outside, with a chance of rain. Same weather year round.

Not much in the way of pixels going on in this part of the world… but I did stumble upon this bit of remarkable graphic design work, on some signage atop Penang Hill, showing roads, hiking trails, and such.

Penang Hill Map Detail

Just look at that! That amazing plotter-font, and what’s that OR gate doing there? And lovingly aged by time, itself. This is the real deal.

here’s the whole sign.

Penang Hill map

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