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david van brink // Thu 2014.03.27 09:06 // {Uncategorized}

Omino Suite, Experimental

The first link of the downloads page has been working for our tireless testers on Mac and Win8, AECC.

Thanks everyone who gave great data!

There’s been recurring requests for the After Effects plug-in omino snake to be available on Windows.

We have an experimental build of all the omino plugins, in a zip file for both Mac and Win, on the first link of the downloads page. So far however the testing matrix is sparse… let me know if you try these out, success or failure. Many thanks!

              MAC      WIN7   WIN8
AECS5 10.x    tested   ?      ?
AECS6 11.x    tested  tested  ?
AECC  12.x    tested  tested  tested
(future)      tested  tested  ?

Table above is for my local testing. HOWever, we’ve received user reports of omino snake failing to load on AECC (12.x) and AECS6 (11.x).
Any further notes from the field are eagerly solicited! Many thanks in advance for your help.

Rafa Galeano // Thu 2014.03.27 20:128:12 pm

I have a problem in both. Win Cs5.5 say me ” After Effects error: 25::3″ and Mac in Cs5 the same error. :( I don´t know why. I need it!! :) Greetings David!

Tom Spiers // Fri 2014.03.28 03:093:09 am

Hi, firstly thanks so much for taking the time to work on making these amazing plugins available. I have just tried installing the suite for AE CS6 64 on a machine running Windows 8 and its not working for me I continuously get this error message when I try to run the plugins “After Effects error:plug-in “omnio_snake.aex” could not be loaded (126). (48::46)
I also get an message “error creating resource field” when after effects starts.

david van brink // Fri 2014.03.28 21:479:47 pm

Hi Rafa, Hi Tom,
Thanks for your participation in trying these out. I’ve only been able to test against AECC on win7 and win8, where it (for me) works fine. I’m digging deeper, and very eager to get you up and running. (I may contact you directly by email…)

Thank you again!

Oshin Baroyan // Sat 2014.03.29 15:243:24 pm

Thank you!

Jul // Sun 2014.03.30 00:3612:36 am

Hi, I have the same problem like Tom, please can you help me? (AE CS5.5 64 , Windows 7)

david van brink // Sun 2014.03.30 11:2811:28 am

Hi Jul — thanks for the data point. (I don’t like it… but I do appreciate it!)

I am lining up some local testing resources right now… Annoyingly, “It works on my computer” every time.

Jul // Sun 2014.03.30 12:3612:36 pm

Oh! Maybe you have your personal reality as Tesla)Do you know anything about Tom? Сan he Solve the problem?

david van brink // Fri 2014.04.4 00:5012:50 am

Updated post, have gotten some confirming reports that current download is working. Standing by!

Tom Spiers // Tue 2014.04.8 19:457:45 pm

Hi, I have the suite installed and working on both CS6 windows 8 and CS6 windows 7. The whole suite seems to be working fine ill report if there are any errors. Thank you so much once again Snake is an amazingly helpful plugin can I donate anywhere to you? or alternatively you could add the suite to AE scripts.? Thanks again.

oh, i dont know. what do you think?

david van brink // Sun 2013.10.6 20:43 // {Uncategorized}

webgl 3a

Only had a short interval today. Did a first implementation of camera management. Here, it cycles between a street view and an aerial view.


click for

oh, i dont know. what do you think?

david van brink // Fri 2013.10.4 00:52 // {Uncategorized}

webgl day 2

Second day, built a scene management tree helper and some camera moves. And some rather basic shapes.


click for

This is about 1988 era screen-saver quality now!

oh, i dont know. what do you think?

david van brink // Wed 2011.12.28 19:16 // {after effects Uncategorized}

AE: Omino Python, All Free

The Mac OS X version of Omino Python has been updated. An installer for it — and all my other After Effects plug-ins are in the downloads section here.

For anyone just tuning in, Omino Python is an After Effects plug-in that lets you write scripts to draw into a layer of an After Effects composition. It’s a lot like writing BASIC on your old Apple ][.

Changes to the plug-in are primarily:

  • Fixed a sporadic crash that could happen during text rendering.
  • No longer install any files in /opt/local or /usr/local. All gone.
  • Completely unlocked (no license needed for full use). Enjoy!

Here’s a frame from one of the example animations. This is a couple of for-loops in action.

And here’s the animation it came from.


click for

And here’s the python source code.

ChrisG // Sun 2012.01.29 19:327:32 pm

Hi. Been a long time since I started messing around with this plugin (and then left it alone because I had other things to deal with). Well, now I’m back on it. And I have found some really interesting things. However, I’m wondering if you are ever going to be able to add the feature of getting something OUT of the plugin — a property that can be used in an expression but goes in the opposite direction of what exists now. In other words, something that changes by the py script, but is updated by the script as a property (as opposed to the other way around, which is how all the props work now). Is this possible? Just putting one “out” integer property would be AWESOME. Thanks in advance for any response (and thanks again for the cool plugin).

david van brink // Sun 2012.01.29 20:018:01 pm

Hi Chris —
There is a way! It’s a bit strange but will work. Render out a square of some color made of values R, G, B, say at (0,0,10,10). Then in an expression, use layer.sampleImage, to read it back. Something like sampleImage([5,5], radius = [.5, .5], postEffect=true, t=time).

You can use as many color-regions as desired to pass more value triplets out. (And probably want to clip your work so these “utility areas” aren’t on the final tape…)

ChrisG // Sun 2012.01.29 20:068:06 pm

Haha. I’ve already done that. I’d like less of a kludge.

ChrisG // Sun 2012.01.29 20:158:15 pm

Sorry. Should’ve made mention of that in my original comment. But is it possible to add that to the plugin?

ChrisG // Sun 2012.01.29 20:168:16 pm

Oh, and while I’m here … what is the correct syntax to set_hint_metrics?

oh, i dont know. what do you think?

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