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the omino after effects suite

by david van brink
version 2.2 build 15
several interesting filters
the omino after effects suite is a collection of after effects filters. some are simple, some are complex. each was written to fulfill a particular in-house need. and i do mean in-house, because i like to come home and make video at my house.
the omino after effects suite runs today on mac os x .
the omino after effects suite has been tested on macOS Big Sur+ on intel & m1
the omino after effects suite has been tested on adobe after effects 2022 & 2023.
the omino after effects suite renders proudly at 8 bits per color component.
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2007.03.28 0.9 first available
2007.04.05 0.10 correct hangs for various scales & counts == 0
2007.10.24 working under Mac OS X Intel
2007.12.13 more bricking options in squares
2007.12.23 improved halftone speed, and fixed crashing bugs!
2008.02.02 kaleidoscope working
2008.02.23 first Windows build working
2008.02.24 simple pixel regression test
2010.10.15 added omino_snake effect
2023.06.25 support for apple silicon and current After Effects
keywords: free after effects plugins color tinting halftoning modulations squares kaleidoscope
the suite: explained and demonstrated
omino snake
use a mask path to bend a layer! push it along the path to get rippling snake motion. really breaks the ice at parties.
omino colorizer
this filter merely applies a color across the entire frame. this turns out to be astonishingly useful... for some reason, it seemed i was always creating a solid with mode multiply. but it does a little more, with settings for additive (light) or subtractive (ink). has parameter to choose to draw the result in all remaining colors, just the colorizing color, or greys.
easy recipe: apply additive-colorizing for cyan, magenta, yellow, and a mild grey to the same source movie. composite using darken-mode. darken like ink. lastly apply noise and jitter. instant newspaper flipbook fun. serves 4 to 6.
omino kaleidoscope

this filter models a kaleidoscope whose mirrors are in any shape you like. built-ins provide square, triangle, and a few others. but you can also use any mask as the mirror shape.
it is a kind of two dimensional ray-tracer, actually. neato, eh?
omino diffusion
an error diffusion applied for the worse. choose which colors are available and the filter tries possibly in vain to march the image. march up, left, down, or right. specify fat stripes and exaggerated error propagation. krunk's the word.
a nice effect is to eyedropper up a few colors from the source image.
omino feedback
a simple rendition of the classic video feedback. similar to echo in some ways, but with scaling and centering.
animate the parameters with bumps and jostles to create wonderful rippling cadences.
omino squares
a friendly agreeable geometrical modulation, in which small squares assemble to resemble your source image. what could be finer, for is not the pixel square? as it is in the small, so shall it be writ large.
new in this release: special wibble parameter added to the futz section.
omino spheremap
this filter was originally intended to help with distant starfields. but there are numerous other applications for using spherical projection (sometimes known as a panosphere). also lots of fun for less optically correct applications via the repeats parameters.
omino halftone++

[stop] [go] [+] [-]
i've always thought halftoning was interesting. it is surprising it works at all. of course in this day and age of 128-bits per pixel who needs it. unless you just like that sort of thing. use any layer as the halftone reference. we heart graphics.
this product is thanksware. i write these because i like to. you may use these plugins for any purpose whatsoever, for-profit or not. if used in a completed project, give me thanks! of course i'd prefer it in large type on your credits or web site, but i'll settle for an email (subject must begin with "plugin") saying: thanks, and what the project was. you know, so i can say "as seen in" someday.
if you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to email me, subject line should include "plugin".
safety claims
these plugins employ no file or network access. source code available by arrangement.