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portfolio, abbreviated

1972    The Science Fiction of Apollo 13
Audio Cassette

Having found an old watch and pressing it against Dad's Lafeyette cassette recorder microphone, and enjoying the result, a 9 year-old me recorded a radio drama about Apollo 13. (Spoiler: They were rescued by Apollo 12.)

1983    Ankh
Or, 64 Rooms: An Adventure in the Metareal World

6502 Assembly Code

An early "art" game. Had some game/survival elements, but was primarily a vehicle to visually convey ideas about assembly, interaction, and games-within-games.

An excerpt from fan mail much later:
My friend and I soon
realized that Ankh consisted of many independent automatons. Playing
Ankh was similar to programming: by piecing together simple
independent things, one could create a chain of events that would
lead to a desired result. The next time one played, one might think
up a more efficient way to achieve the same result. It was a
wonderful puzzle world, richly layered, eloquently executed.
Also developed a pretty far-out font for it.

1984    Synthestra
A commercial product, a novel Apple // MIDI performance software, in which individual keystrokes could trigger cascading, nested subsequences of notes.

1991    First CG QuickTime Movie
Yes... in fact the first pure computer graphic movie ever played on QuickTime. I was one of the original engineers on QuickTime, and this was a test image for it, sound and audio completely rendered by some hand-coded C code. (The graphics were Skia, another project I worked on at Apple.)

2001    Floorpuller
My friends Salguod and Zap (Douglas Jones and Lawrence Doan) created a short silent 8mm film in 1995. In 2001, with Protools I created extensive hand-crafted foley sound effects for it, and superimposed a sonic "plot" of sorts contrived from numerous short musical borrowings.

2003    Sunrise Station
A Burning Man art installation. Plywood, electronics. At a remote location, a subway station absurdly greets you. As you duck into the [plywood] interior, it might appear from a distance that you are descending. Within are the recorded cozy sounds of trains and conversation.

Includes audio from several contributors including Synthia Payne.

2004    Sunrise Moonbase
A Burning Man art installation. Plywood, electronics. How sad that nobody has been on the moon in many decades. Another intimate space, Sunrise Moonbase resembles a sterile Lunar Excursion Module on the outside, and houses examples of life -- petri dishes, little animals, erotic astronaut drawings -- inside. An hypnotic soundtrack (mixed almost entirely from slowed down Apollo audio recordings) encourages you to stay as long as you like.

A polaroid snapshot hung over the hatchway implores, as you leave, "But what have you done lately?"

Experience the Virtual LEM

Sunrise Moonbase crew and documentation

2008    Knife switch MIDI controller
Hand-coded MIDI Compliant USB Driver, exposes several switches and note-on events. Knife switches were chosen for a DIY/amateur scientist aesthetic.

2008    Democracity
A Burning Man art installation. Plaster and electronics. A miniature recreation of the Trylon and Perisphere from the 1939 World's Fair. A small window on the perisphere reveals a tiny world of blinking lights and odd sounds. Custom circuit boards.

trylon and perisphere

trylon and perisphere at sunrise

2010    Science Tarot Animations
After Effects, Photoshop, hand-coded stamp plug-in effect.

Created as support collateral for the Science Tarot deck. Several cards from the Major Arcana have been decomposed and animated. The cards already each capture some archetypal story; the challenge was to "uncapture" that story from the imagery, and reconstruct the living world it came from.


Otto Loewi
Duality of Light
Quantum Sea
Benzene Dream

2012    Forest Fireplace
News footage, iPod, home television. A warming simulated hearth with a dark irony within a bad pun.

on youtube
At the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History, 2015

2013    Reason Rack Extensions

2013    Sunrise Line
A Burning Man art installation. Plywood, found objects, video, electronics.

This piece invites you to enter alone into an intimate space. The interior includes displayed artifacts of the artists' deceased relatives in the first two chambers.

The final chamber is suggestive of a hospital room, and the floor-mounted pillow guides you to lie on your back, facing upward. Images move in a tiny portal at the center of a faux cathedral ceiling. A soundtrack derived from a medical beeping sound soothes and lulls you. Surrounded by medical-like equipment, you are gurneyed through interstitial locations.

2015    Metareal Feedback
An interactive exhibit or toy. Software, Nintendo game controller, video projector.

A visitor plays with the old-school game pad, and learns to control the abstract imagery projected. It's pretty trippy, with chaotic and fractal elements, and bright colors, and yet it is paradoxically organic. You discover subtle adjustments with quite satisfying results. To onlookers, it is quite decorative.

The software is performing "video feedback" with results very similar to what you could achieve with a video camera and a classic cathode-ray color TV set by adjusting the position, zoom, focus, and the tv knobs Hue, Contrast, and Brightness.

  • Chabot Space & Science Center, Berkeley, 2015-03-20, private all-night event repurposing their "Black Hole" exhibit's full room floor projector
  • Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History, 2015-08-21 event "Growth" in full room installation paired with a sound installation and conjoined control surfaces
  • Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History, 2015-10-16 event "Glow Festival" on main atrium wall
  • Santa Cruz Mini Maker Faire, 2016-04-11

2017    Furniture Project: Dining Set
Furniture designed for an AirBnb, custom fitted for nook. All 3/4" plywood, CNC cut from original desgin. Uses novel twist-lock assembly.

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