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david van brink // Tue 2010.06.1 19:23

Free Omino AE Plugins

The Omino After Effects Suite is a handful of plugins I’ve written over the years. They’re a grab bag of mostly novelty effects. These are absolutely free. Please enjoy them. I love to hear about how you use them; email me! (poly@omino.com, subject must begin “plugin”.)

Below are links for CS3 and CS4 downloads, as well as the latest CS5-only versions. Alas, going forward, only After Effects CS5 will be supported.

For After Effects CS3 and CS4, Mac and Windows

The last release for AE CS4 and earlier is build 175.

==> All About Omino After Effects Suite 175, for Mac and Win
==> Download for AE CS3 and AE CS4 for Mac
==> Download for AC CS3 and AE CS4 for Win

For After Effects CS5, Mac Only

The current release of the Omino After Effects Suite for AE CS5 is 1.3, as of April, 2010.

(Sorry, haven’t had the time to build them for Windows yet.)

Ongoing development will be only for AE CS5 and later. This means 64-bit only, and Intel only.

This latest release also includes some plugins implemented using Pixel Bender.

==> All About Omino After Effects Suite 1.3, for Mac Only
==> Download for AE CS5 for Mac

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