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david van brink // Fri 2010.06.11 19:22 // {after effects}

AE: Short-take, Rain

Easy Rain

Here’s a cute one. Nothing deep or advanced, but it was fun. It’s a way to get a very simple and cheap “rain” in After Effects.

  1. Take a tiny bit of Noise, and blur it in one direction with Fast Blur.
  2. This makes very, very dim “streaks”. Use Threshold to make them visible again.
  3. Fast Blur it a little in both directions to make the edges smooth again.
  4. Rotate the whole layer, for angled rain.

Easy peasy!

Here’s the AE setup for it. Trivial! Small adjustments of the parameters can get all sorts of interesting results.

What about CC Rain?

Well you know, apart from the joy (cussedness) of doing it the hard way… CC Rain makes relatively slow well-defined rain streaks. Depending what look you like, combining CC Rain with the more random movement described above is pretty nice, too.

If you like, here’s the self-contained tiny AE project. ==> just_rain.aep

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