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Free to enjoy.
omino suite plugins for CS6 and later (64-bit for Mac and Win)

Release 2.1 of zip file containing all Omino Plugins except Omino Python, for both Macintosh and Windows After Effects. Install by dragging the Mac or Win folder into After Effects's Plug-ins folder. More notes here.
omino suite plugins (Mac OS X)

Download the omino suite for After Effects CS6. The installer includes omino kaleidoscope, omino python, and others. You may use this for commercial and noncommerical works. The installer also includes examples and documentation. [ 2017 EULA ]

I'm no longer developing this, but you can fool the installer for current AE versions by creating an empty folder /Applications/Adobe After Effects CS6. Then copy the plugins to you current AE Plug-ins folder. Sorry for the bother!
omino python documentation

(This is also included in the plugin download.)

qt_tools is a collection of several Mac OS X command-line utilities for manipulating media files supported by QuickTime.
Older Releases
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