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david van brink // Wed 2015.03.4 17:03 // {dome}

Note on om_sphere2dome

As introduced in yesterday’s post, you can download my Mac command line tools, om_sphere2dome to help convert Modo spherical projection images to fulldome domemaster images.

For reference, I’ll here post the tool’s help info, so you can see its feature set more easily.

poly@omino-8999 domework: om_sphere2dome --help


This command line tool transforms a spherically-projected
image file to a Domemaster image file (180 degree fisheye).
The source image is a 2:1 aspect ratio equirectangular
projection, as produced by Modo's spherical camera. The
center square is extracted and transformed.

See https://omino.com/pixelblog/2015/03/03/modo-for-fulldome-

Optional. Show help.

--infile=<file name>
Required. A source .png or .jpg image, 2:1 aspect ratio,
spherically projected.

--outfile=<file name>
Required. The output .png or .jpg image to write, square,
Domemaster projection.

--vflip=<yes or no>
Optional. Vertically flip the image.

Optional. Size of output image.

Optional. Shifts view negative-left or positive-right
in degrees.

Written by david.van.brink@gmail.com, 2015. Uses Lode Vandevenne's
excellent lodepng library from http://lodev.org/lodepng/. Uses Rich
Geldreich's wonderful single-file jpeg library from https://code.google.com/
p/jpeg-compressor/. 8x8 font created by John Hall, http://overcode.yak.net/
12, no longer with us.
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