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david van brink // Mon 2010.05.17 00:20 // {after effects pixel bender}

AE: Omino Spindala, a Pixel Bender Filter

download ==> omino_spindala_32.pbk, an After Effects filter.

Always doing things the hard way. Needed a wheel with some symmetry, like so:

How else to do it than by drawing a circle with some blobs, and then treating it with… a handwritten pixel bender kernel:

I started describing its controls, but wouldn’t it be more fun to just try it out? Below is a slightly reduced version of the Pixel Bender kernel running in Flash.

Give it a spin! Try the parameters, or click Scramble a few times, or Go, to let it choose random parameters.

There’s no shortage of vaguely-trippy image manglers, these days, but that’s no reason not to indulge.

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