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david van brink // Mon 2010.05.3 17:54 // {after effects pixel bender}

AE: Omino Staragon, A Pixel Bender Filter

download: ==> omino staragon 32 <== a pixel bender filter Just recently, Dale Bradshaw posted a rounded-rect pixel bender plugin. Pretty nifty!

It got me thinking, What about other rounded-corner polygons? It was a bit of a puzzle. As with all Pixel Bender plugins, the question is, What color is this pixel? How does a given pixel know if it’s inside a rounded-corner pentagon or not?


I stuck to regular and stellated polygons to start. One solution goes like so:

  • Divide the plane into pie-slices, one for each edge of the polygon.
  • For each point, decide which slice you’re in.
  • Decide if you’re inside or outside the edge.
  • For the rounding… decide which corner you’re nearest
  • Are you in the arc of that corner? If so, decide if you’re inside the rounding-radius.


Well, that was a bit of obsessive fun. Here’s a screen shot, including the parameter controls:

And here’s a little demo of it.

download: ==> omino staragon 32 <== a pixel bender filter

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