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david van brink // Sat 2012.01.7 18:22 // {after effects}

AE: A Silly MIDI Trick

For amusement purposes only… after importing a MIDI file as keyframes (see earlier post), I rendered it back out using After Effects as a synthesizer, with the provided Tone audio effect.

This was done by setting the Tone frequency expressions to reconstruct the appropriate musical pitch:

on = effect("ch_1_vel")("Slider").value ? 1 : 0;
note = effect("ch_1_pitch")("Slider");
on * 440 * Math.pow(2, (note-57)/12)

You could change 12 to something else, to hear it performed in some alternate equal-tempered scale. 8 and 17 sound kind-of interesting…

And here’s the self-contained CS5 project to download.

Ariel // Mon 2012.04.16 23:5611:56 pm

Hi, I was wondering if there’s a way of processing an Image (in a layer) in after effects.
reading pixel by pixel color value. can u’r python script provide answer? thanks

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