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david van brink // Sun 2014.04.13 15:24 // {after effects}

Omino Plugins 2.1 for After Effects

(After some back and forth regarding broken DLLs on our release two weeks back…)


By popular demand, the Omino Suite including Kaleidoscope and Snake is now available for both Mac OS X and Windows.

Notes for release 2.1 are:

  • Available for Windows and Mac OS X
  • Works on AE CS6 and Later
  • Installed manually by dragging
  • Kaleidoscope speedup with multithreads
  • Snake rendering errors with tiny holes substantially reduced
  • Minor parameter name changes (old projects still work fine)

Get it at the first link on the download page.

How To Install

In the zip file are two folders, one for Mac OS X, and one for Windows. Drag the appropriate folder as shown below.



Any problems (or feature requests, of course) please comment or email me, poly@omino.com. Enjoy!

sandra // Thu 2014.05.29 07:087:08 am

Hi, I hope you can answer me as quick as possible, because I am having a problem with your Omino Snake plugin in combination with After Effects CC. When I am following the tutorial on vimeo about the layer and path thing, it’s not connecting to the image I am using. I also tried to put the image in a new composition, but that doesnt help. I hope you can help me out because I really like the plugin!

david van brink // Thu 2014.05.29 13:121:12 pm

Hello —
The most likely two things are:
1) there’s a Bug where the snake image size start as 1%, so too small to see, set slider up to 100%.
2) the vertical-offset needs to be set to around 1/2 the height of your snake image.

That might be the issue, best.

sandra // Thu 2014.05.29 22:5610:56 pm

thanks for your quick help. I am a bit further now, it is showing two circles now instead of nothing. here is a screenshot of what i see now http://oi57.tinypic.com/2psocnk.jpg. I am not able to see my puppet anymore when i click the path-layer off. I am still doing something wrong but i am following this tutorial

step by step…

sandra // Thu 2014.05.29 23:0511:05 pm

Sorry for al these reply-bombing. I am further by setting the scale to 80%, but it is using my image the wrong way. the left puppet is how i want it to show on the path (like your snake) but it is turning it into the one you see on the path.. what am i doing wrong? http://oi58.tinypic.com/dbo9iv.jpg

david van brink // Thu 2014.05.29 23:2611:26 pm

Ah, yes, the “snake” image has to be horizontal, long in X and narrow in Y.

sandra // Thu 2014.05.29 23:4111:41 pm

Wow thanks for your quick reply! that worked! now another problem (hope its the last one!) when i want to set the keyframe for it to move, it is only visible in the first frame, changes color in the second en then disapears.. so i cannot set the ‘advance’ to when i want it to ‘snake’

oh, i dont know. what do you think?

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